Bert Verwelius is photographic artist, born in 1953 in The Netherlands. He is autodidact and started to photograph when he was 14 years of age.When he was 15 years he had a darkroom to develop his pictures. In his working life he is CEO of a Real estate developing and construction company.

_0078 copyIn the last 10 years he started to pick up the photography very seriously and took private workshops of different famous and less famous photographers all over the planet. One of them is Urs Recher (Swiss) who taught him all the secrets of working with different light sources.

Bert does the whole process himself from planning/ casting/ setup/lighting / photography and developing/retouch.
For the developing/retouch process he took private lessons/ workshops of the worlds best “Photoshop gurus” as Guy Gowan and Steve Caplin. His ultimate goals is to be among the best Art Photographers.